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Consulting Priority is given to extensive consultation which is essential for such a complex and costly investment. Our showrooms offer the possibility to obtain a comprehensive picture of the fields of application of photovoltaic.

Profit forecast and calculation of profitability We would be glad to calculate a profit forecast based on building conditions (location, roof pitch, direction, shading, feed-in situation, etc.), local radiation values, de­sired PV components (modules, inverters) for every interested person. As a result, amongst other things, it is easy to identify at what point the desired PV system is expected to pay for itself, and what level of additional profit can be generated.

System layout and construction Any PV system is only as good as the qual­ity of the background planning work. For the appropriate system layout, including correctly dimensioned inverters, reasonably connected strings, etc., the system designer does not only need the essential tech­nical knowledge and the latest planning tools but also one thing in particular: experience – which we have!

Customer and technical service amongst others, the photovoltaic technology is fascinating as it works almost without any moving parts and functions almost maintenance-free for several decades. However, fail­ures can never be eliminated completely. Therefore, we strive to be on site within 48 hours to repair your system and get it connected to the energy supply companies’ network again.

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The way to your photovoltaic system

Are you interested in a photovoltaic system? The Solarzentrum Allgäu offers everything you need to get informed!

Week 1
+ Do you have exact data available, such as kWp or roof dimensions, or do you need the external team to discuss the possibil­ities on site?
+ Then we can prepare a detailed offer and calculate a profit forecast
  Network request
+ We ask the responsible power station about feed-in possibilities–up to approx. 30kWp is standard without any difficulties
+ Simultaneously, you can arrange financing with your bank
+ If the energy supply company has granted its consent and financing is assured, you can place the order
Week 2-3
+ After we have received the order, a technician will determine the exact dimensions
+ Afterwards, the plans will be issued and the system will be registered bindingly with the energy supply company
Week 4-5
+ Picking of goods
Week 6
+ Preparation of advance payment calculation
Week 7-8
+ System assembly
+ Electrical installation
+ The location of the meter will be modified for feed-in
+ Commissioning and Accounting

From planning to execution

We provide expert advice from the first day and accompany you from the construction right up to commissioning! With us, you get everything from one source!