Successful since over 25 years Solarzentrum Allgäu and it`s brand WIOSUN®

1985 Foundation of the specialist company »Electric Bihler«
1996 Sale and installation of the first block heating works
1999 Change of company name into »Eco Power«
         Sale and installation of the first photovoltaic systems
2005 Change of company name into »Solarzentrum Allgäu«
         Relocation to the new office building in the business park in
         Biessenhofen, Presentation of the self invention »roof hook VARIO«

2007 Design and development of the combined module »PV-Therm«

2008 Federal Award for the PV-Therm combined module,
         Start of Production 

2009 Foundation of the brandname WIOSUN®

2010 Construction of the new WIOSUN® central warehouse with 3.200 m²

2011 Building of the WIOSUN® Information- and training Centre.

2012 Federal Award for the brilliant module mounting clamp »WIOKLICK«


The combination module counteracts the strong voltage and power losses of crystalline PV modules at the high temperature solar cells are exposed to. 

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At IHM 2012, the innovative WIOKLICK® module central clamp was awarded with the »Bundespreis für hervorragende innovatorische Leistungen für das Handwerk« (Federal award for out­standing innovation in industry and trade) by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

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Federal Award 2012

In addition to the award-winning combination module PV-Therm (Federal Award 2008) the WIOSUN® mounting clamp WIOKLICK® has now been awarded with the »Federal award 2012 for outstanding innovative work in the trade!«