With its unique technology, the PowerRouter controls whether to use the energy instantly store it in batteries or feed it back to the grid. No extra inverters or cables are required: just connect the solar panels, batteries, loads and grid to the PowerRouter.


Optimize self-use
This PowerRouter is the ideal self-use solution. The consumption in most households occurs in the evening, while most solar energy is generated during the day. The PowerRouter gets more out of self-generated solar energy by storing excess power in batteries for later use. The more self-generated energy you use yourself (optimization of up to 70%), the less dependent you are on the grid and rising energy prices.

Energy management
Switch on additional loads when there is a surplus of solar energy and the batteries are fully charged. This allows the self-use percentage to be increased even more instead of feeding it back to grid. 

Monitor & manage
By connecting the PowerRouter to the internet via the integrated internet connection, you can access detailed system information (e.g. performance, consumption, solar yield and battery status). The PowerRouter can even be remotely updated with new software and functions, so changes can be made to the system easily and it always remains up to date.


NEDAP Powerrouter

available in 3.0 kW, 3.7 kW and 5.0 kW versions, compatible with all modern PV technologies, including thin film, 2 fully independent MPP trackers, easy installation (plug & play), monitoring and management via integrated internet connection
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