A perfect supplement for combined module PV-Therm WIOSUN® Heat pump

PV-Therm combined modules in connection with the WIOSUN heat pumps The »PV-Therm« combined module is the answer to a physical problem: The higher the temperature of the photovoltaic modules, the lower their output, in other words, under the very conditions in which they ought to be most effective. With each degree of rise in temperature, they lose approx. 0.5% of their performance. At the latest in summer, when the solar cells heat up to 80°C, this will become a problem. The »PV-Therm«, developed by us, is different. A so-called heat transfer fluid flows through an additionally installed steel tub in order to cool the solar cells. It is connected to the photovoltaic laminate by means of an up to now unique polyurethane enclosure – which ensures optimum density and resistance.

Functional principle

The heat pump draws energy from a heat source and brings it to a higher temperature level by feed in of electrical energy.


+ No ground drilling necessary
+ Pipe-in-pipe heat exchanger, extremely durable, no loss in yield
   caused by deposits as it is the case in plate type heat exchangers  
+ High efficiency
+ High-performance Copeland Scroll compressor
+ Working temperatures between -15°C and +30°C
+ Alternative cooling function as well as separate service water refill system
+ Low costs
+ Low space requirement
+ Economic use of generated thermal energy of modules

WIOPUMP Heat pump

No drilling necessary, Double-pipe heat exchanger, no power loss due to deposits like with plate heat exchangers, Powerful Copeland Scroll compressor, Works at temperatures from -15°C to +25°C

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