Example of use Heat Pump and PV-Therm

Let the water flow! Let the water flow! The preparation of hot water is one of the most environmentally friendly features of the PV-Therm system. The concept is simple: the PV-Therm combined module is heated by the sun. A heat transfer fluid cools the module and transfers the excess heat from the roof into the buffer storage. This buffer storage is filled with domestic cold water and equipped with a heat exchanger.

The heated transfer fluid flows through the heat exchanger, and the domestic cold water absorbs the heat. The cooled down transfer liquid flows back to the roof, thus closing the loop. 

Depending on the season and solar radiation, the water will be heated to a greater or lesser degree. If the energy generated from the array alone is not sufficient, as in winter, for example, the desired temperature can be easily reached by additional heating.  Even then, the system still leads to significant energy and cost savings compared to conventional hot water systems.