Sun storage Batteries to optimize your self-consumption

The new battery solutions from WIOSUN® - based on various proven technologies! We offer a solution for all scenarios with storage in batteries. Whether new technologies such as lithium-ion or lead-gel batteries  - with our specially developed software we are able to interpret effectively, which system is right for you and how much energy you can save. From small houses to agriculture over large industrial companies - we are happy to make you an individual offer.

WIOSUN® Energy-Storage-System

POWERFUL - SCALABLE - SAFE - PROFITABLE The new WIOSUN® energy storage system offers an ingenious solution to store the current for PV systems from 10 kW. Lithium-ion battery

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AGM Technology, extremely high cycle life (about 3,000 charge cycles), broad operating range, from minus 20 °C to 55 °C, fully recyclable
Size 555 x 125 x 320 mm
Output 150 Ah

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WIOSUN® Solar station

With the WIOSUN® solar station you can generate electricity autarkic. Whether camping or on the mountain huts - you supply yourself with your solar power.

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