For the perfect fit In all snow load zones

An area that is often not given sufficient attention is the mounting of photovoltaic systems.  Any consequential damage, such as broken tiles, is only visible years later and at a time when the warranty will have long expired. WIOSUN relies on patented, tried and tested, strong in-house products such as the VARIO system designed for maximum snow loads, or on outside brands too, such as Mounting Systems, Schletter or Montavent.

VARIO – Mounting bar

The VARIO Universal rail can be assembled in seconds from the bottom or side to roof hooks, hanger bolts or trapezoidal corrugated metal shoes. Set it in place, bolt it down, and that's it! Due to variable mounting options, this rail can be combined with all standard roof hooks.

WIOLIFT – Elevated rail

Brilliantly simple! With WIOLIFT, the elevated rail can be installed quickly – it fits anywhere it must be elevated. It does not matter whether the roof surface is trapezoidal sheet metal, folded metal, corrugated sheet, asphalt or foil. WIOLIFT is delivered in 15, 20, 25 and 30-degree angles. For membrane roofs, WIOLIFT is available with a gravel tray and wind deflectors.

VARIO – Roof hook

The shape makes it! With the TÜV-certified and well-proven VARIO roof hooks, bricks that crumble and chip under high snow loads are a thing of the past. This stable eight-millimetre roof hook easily resists pressure from above thanks to its patented arch shape, and so protects the roofing tiles.

WIOTRAP – Trapezoidal sheet metal

There’s no need for things to be expensive! Why fit expensive continuous rails to trapezoidal sheet metal roofs when there is another way? And that other way is the "short" WIOTRAP trapezoidal metal roof rail! It is easily fixed with four rivets - stability and optimum ventilation are guaranteed! A cable duct can also be mounted to the rail.

WIOKLICK® – Assembly bracket

We've really got the hang of this! The WIOKLICK ® module bracket can simply be snapped into the rail without any screws. And although it is easy to install, it can only be reopened with the help of special tools. Another plus point: No matter what the temperature is when you install the WIOKLICK® - it will not budge! Even major temperature differences will not cause the module bracket to come loose.

WIOSNOW – Snow Guard

No space for a snow guard? The VARIO mounting system has a pragmatic solution for this as well! The life-saving snow guard is mounted using stainless steel rails. VARIO roof hooks are required for the necessary security and stability!