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  • Increase your profits within the runtime by about 6.000 Euro.
  • Increasing independence from rising electricity prices.
  • Use of specially produced, environmentally friendly electricity. 
  • Feed in tariff + own consumption remuneration of the EEG + electricity cost savings



  • The feed in tariff consumption is only valid for PV systems that have been installed after 01.01.2009.
  • The maximum system performance when using self-consumption is not allowed to exceed 30 kWp.
  • From 01.07.2010: Self-consumption with PV systems up to 500 kWp possible.

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Self-use with photovoltaic

Become independent!

Take self-use to the next level

The energy consumption in most households occurs in the evening, while most solar energy is generated during the day. The PowerRouter provides the ideal self-use solution. The PowerRouter gets more out of self-generated solar energy by storing excess power in batteries for later use. The more self-generated energy you use yourself (optimization of up to 70%), the less dependent you are on the grid and rising energy prices.

MADE in Allgäu

Quality from Germany

Available now! The new high-performance PV modules MADE by WIOSUN in the Allgäu. All modules from our new German production are made up of selected, high-quality components – and all at a fair price.

The new module series:

  • DE-AP Serie - 190- 205 Wp 
  • DE-AM Serie - 190 - 210 Wp
  • DE-CP Serie - 240 - 255 Wp
  • DE-CM Serie - 240 - 255 Wp

We've been waiting a long time for this: right on time for Intersolar EUROPE 2012, the new 2012/2013 photo-price list has been published. At over 164 pages, it displays our sophisticated portfolio with useful additional information and technical descriptions. Skilled installations engineers can obtain the terms from the appropriate WIOSUN sales office.

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Solar Power

Use it straight off the roof or yard

Ever thought of plugging into your own solar power? The added value is guaranteed!

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