Kostal Solar Electric GmbH is one of the youngest members of the nearly 100-year-old KOSTAL Group, which employs more than 11,000 people worldwide. It was founded in 2006 under the umbrella of KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik. The range of services includes sales of and technical service for the PIKO inverters. Besides its headquarters in Freiburg, KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH has offices in Spain, France, Italy and Greece.



3-phase feed, transformerless conversion extension of the input current (PIKO 4.2) possible, three independent MPP trackers (PIKO 5.5), integrated switching contact for controlling individual consumption, integrated electronic DC circuit-breaker, integrated data logger and web server for system monitoring, various communication interfaces integrated as standard: Ethernet, RS485, S0, 4 x analogue inputs
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